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1. After hotel set up process, what is the key point to show that hotel is developing well?
2. What is the correlation between hotel operation and hotel business development?
3. What solutions does Viet Orient Hospitality offer for sales & marketing development for newly opened hotel or hotel are under operation?

Today, HOTEL industry is booming up, attracting many investors to participate in this field. In the process of working with investors, we found that the Owner of 4-5 star hotel construction in Vietnam, most of whom are very successful in their primary business. As a result, investors are now choosing to operate hotels by themselves. However, the hotel's products are intangible services that do not require only financial investment. Each product has its own specific business characteristics, so does the hospitality industry. 

After hotel set up process, what is the key point to show that hotel is developing well?

After the process of construction and set up to operation, a hotel develops well or not depends on professional operation management and effective sales and marketing activities.

Why are we so assertive?

What is the correlation between hotel operation and hotel sales & marketing development?

Hotel operation and sales & marketing are closely related. Hotel operation management is to ensure the quality of service provided directly to the Customer, and the measure of that is the Customer's satisfaction with the services when used at the Hotel.

Sales & marketing: is a process, from understanding customer needs, analyzing customers, promoting products and reaching customers to advise and persuade customers to buy products.

There are many investors who are very successful in other areas, in the field of investment that have expertise, they are very confident when entering the field of hotel business, they run the hotel themselves like other areas they have experiences as they are. However, they have difficulty after a period of operation, the quality of service is not appreciated due to unprofessional staff, and secondly the revenue is not high. Therefore, the problem is:

How do customers know their hotel?
If they know, How to make them to book the hotel?

At this stage, hotel services are recognized, the importance of Sales & Marketing is recognized too. If you are not expertise, it means that the business results are not good because customers do not come by themselves. And the fact that, Hotels industry is more and more competitive.

What solutions does Viet Orient Hospitality offers for sales & marketing development for newly opened hotels and hotels are under operation?

In the process of working, we have accessed to many projects that have been put into operation but inefficient business. And most of the situation of this problem is: Sales department has NO PROFESSIONALITY, STAFF ARE NOT TRAINED, SHORTAGE OF MANPOWER so the monthly revenue results are not achieved.

Viet Orient Hotel Management and Hotel Set Up Company will help the investors to offer sales and marketing solutions for newly opened and operated hotels and resorts.

We provide sales systems, SALES & MARKETING REPRESENTATION or SALES & MARKETING SUPPORT with the goal of bringing investors the most effective revenue with the most reasonable cost.

Proud of having a large network of partners, your hotel will be widely introduced in domestic and inbound markets.

Promote direct sales to your property with support from Viet Orient Hospitality.

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