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Tourist travel 12 countries in one day, breaking world record
Adam Leyton traveled through 12 European countries, starting from Germany and ending in Austria, breaking the old record of traveling through 11 countries.
According to Portal, Adam Leyton has set a new world record for the number of countries passing through most in one day. He started his journey from 7 am on May 25 in Perl, Germany and traveled to 11 other countries, including Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark ... and ended in Austria. When he arrived in Austria, he had to run 2 km before the 24-hour period ended.
Initially, he planned to make his journey on June 23 - the day of referendum in the EU. Due to the changing train schedule here, the operator is forced to push the trip time up soon.

The 39-year-old's idea of conquering twelve nations in 24 hours began when he read the news of three men breaking the world record for the most number of cars in a day by car in February. / 2015. Photo: SWNS.
The trip was planned by Adam Leyton for a long time, in which most tickets were booked by him. However, when traveling, this player also encountered many difficulties when buying tickets in some countries. During his journey, Adam has donated nearly £ 1,000 (over 32 million) and spent all of this money for charity.
The old world record was set in 1993 when a person passed 11 countries in 24 hours. And now, Adam is waiting for the Guinness World Records to confirm.

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