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Greeting Letter
Dear Valued Investors, Partners and Customers,

Vietnam tourism in the trend of integration in recent years has developed considerably. The number of domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists to Vietnam has been increasing significantly which leads to the demand for accommodation and resort grow remarkably.
CEO of Viet Orient Hotel Management & Consultancy Set up service company
Recognizing the trend and potential, many investors have penetrated into the hotel industry. It’s a fact that many of them have succeeded in this field, otherwise many companies had to change their business direction. The significant differences between successful and unsuccessful investors lay on the fundamental understanding about hotel set up and hotel management.  

Throughout a long process of meeting and working with hotel’s investors, we have received many questions starting from "Why" from them.
For example:

Why should we have to hire a professional management company instead of hiring someone to manage a hotel?
► Why do we have to do market research before building a hotel?  
► Why do we have to study the feasibility and technical in hotel construction?
And so on.

For all projects we have approached, up to 95% of investors haven’t been well equipped or lack of knowledge about hotel set up and hotel management. This leads to incorrect and inefficient investment.
With a strong desire to support investors who is entering the hotel market, we found that it is necessary to have a certain knowledge in this field to avoid waste and to achieve efficient, profitable investment.

Our target is not only to become the company that is managing huge of hotels. But our mission we aim is on behalf of investors, VOH will manage the hotels in the most effective way to maximize profit and to stand sustainable development and branding in the hotel industry.
Therefore, please contact us to have the understanding about what you are doing for your investment and hotel management.

Your faithfully,
Nguyen Van Quang
Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)

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