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Hotel set up, Hotel management and Hotel consultancies company

Vision, Mission and Core values


The booming in hotel industry will encourage the demand for hotel set up, hotel management and hotel consultancies services. Therefore, Viet Orient Hospitality was established base on that trend. The more are hotels built, the more competitiveness are, so which hotel is considered as professional with depth in training, set up and good management will be successful. Therefore, Hotel consultancies, hotel set up and hotel management company will play a role importance in this development trend.
Viet Orient Hospitality set its goal, mission to bring its services to nation-wide and international as Vietnamese brand-name for hotel set up and hotel management by its effort, aspiration and enthusiasm.

Core values

Viet Orient Hospitality commits to bring our investors below core values as our business’s guideline:

1- Sustainable development:

VOH commits to lead the business to stable development, never exchange immediate benefits to long-term benefits business direction.

2- Eco-tourism:

VOH take its responsibility to social and human-beings to protect natural environment so all the hotels and resorts under VOH’s management will be strictly controlled.

3- Respect the culture:

VOH always respect the cultural character and long-standing customs of our country so all hotels setting up and using consultancy services will be commented to adapt its culture, creating feature of the concept.

4- Stable interest:

VOH’s motto is “profits are our value” getting along with stable development. VOH always put the benefits of the owner in line with our profits:

5- Branding value:

VOH is creating its branding and these are being appreciated by our customers and we committed its standard of services will get along with.

6- Manpower development:

High standard of services coming from standard of the staff in house so we are concentrating on the staff training, keys staff are being taken care to be promoted and “train the trainer” is applied in each our hotel under Viet Orient Hospitality’s management.

Hotel system
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