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About Us

1. The historical development of Viet Orient Hospitality

Viet Orient Hotel Management & Consultancy Service Company Limited (Viet Orient Hospitality or VOH) was founded by Mr. Nguyen Van Quang and his specialists whose have been working in international and national hotel management brand-named.

With more than 20 years of professional experiences, Mr. Quang and his team have worked in a various position in hotel industry and obtained intensive practical experiences in hotel set up and hotel management.

In line with the increasing demand of hotel industry, Viet Orient Hospitality was established to meet that needs to become a leading company in hotel consultancy, hotel set-up, hotel training, recruitment and hotel management, to affirm the role of Vietnamese in this hotel industry.


2. Our businesses scope and activities

Company main activities:
      ► Research and analysis in hotel investment
      ► Hotel designing consultancy, technical consultancy in hotel building
      ► Hotel set up
      ► Hotel training and recruitment
      ► Hotel management
      ► Sales & Marketing representative in North and South

Viet Orient Hospitality is providing its services and extending its services into nationwide in the purpose of each tourist destination each hotel under its management.


3. Our specialists 

To get along with the development of hotel industry, Viet Orient Hospitality (VOH) is the playing ground for hotel specialists whom have worked and experienced for national and international hotel management brand companies like Vingroup, Sungroup, Accor, Starwood, IHG, Hilton, etc and VOH was established to execute its responsibilities in term of hotel set up, recruitment and training, hotel management under Vietnamese hotel management company.
Therefore, Viet Orient Hospitality concentrates on system strengthening, training at the prior stage, key staff are working national and international brand-name with basic experiences in hotel management and hotel set up.


4. Our brandings

Viet Orient Hospitality (VOH) is on the development and its business is flexible basing on hotel owner wishes such as hotel name can be named by the owner or under VOH’s brands according to it’s level of services.
     5 Star luxury branding
Vmotive: it is located in center of the city or tourist destination with the concept of modern, dynamic and development
Vpalm: it is located in quite place, getting along with flower, trees, mountainous and culture of Vietnam.
     4 Star upper branding
Basing on its characteristic, if it is located in the city the name can be Vstyle standing for dynamic, modern and conceptional.
Vgreen: standing for human beings, natural and culture combination basing on each location.
     3 Star cozy branding
Vietnest, Vprice and Vreturn standing for 3-star hotel standard and services, located in city with basic services, reasonable for tourists.
Viet Orient Hospitality sets it goal to put Vietnamese culture into its’ hotels design and concept basing on each level of hotels getting along its activities in hotel set up, hotel management. Vietnamese culture and people are two main factures in branding development of VOH: national culture is always to be honor in all hotels under VOH management.


Hotel system
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