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Why do Japanese people sleep on the floor?
Many families in major cities in Japan still have bedroom cushions on the floor instead of using beds.
When you first visit and spend the night in a Japanese home, you may be worried when you see a room without a bed. That is, families still use traditional bedrooms with mattresses (Japanese futon) on the floor. During the day, the futon will be kept in the closet.
Not only the crowded but also the large families
have a traditional bedroom. Picture: Rowdesign.
With many people from Europe, America, lying on the floor feeling uncomfortable. However, when you experience one night, you will find this type of sleep completely comfortable.
In a Japanese-style bedroom, the mats are covered by a full floor. When it's time to sleep, the landlord will get a thin mattress, blankets and pillows out of the closet. Cushion in Japan is not too thick, usually about 15 cm. Pillows are also quite special with smaller sizes, intestines inside are nuts. At first, you will feel quite hard knees, not as smooth as the familiar stuffed knees but this is beneficial for your neck, neck.
Nowadays, according to Asian Lifestyle Design, beds are popular in Japan but many families prefer to have traditional rooms.
The advantages of sleeping on a Japanese-style floor:
- Space utilization: The bedroom can be used for many other purposes when the floor has no furniture. It may be the child's playroom, chat room, reception of parents.
- Ensure safety: If you have young children, you will not be afraid to roll out of bed, run to the bed.
- Airy House: When you lie directly on the floor, the ceiling will feel higher. When there is no bed, the empty floor area is also wider.
- Comfortable, quiet: Many people are afraid of not sleeping well because the padding is usually 100% cotton. Try to sleep one night and feel very comfortable, without back pain. If you are cold, in the cabinets of Japanese families always have a blanket for you to cover.
- Easily add sleeping space: When the house has guests, you can not buy another bed. But you will easily fill the blanket when needed.
Cheap Cost: You only need to buy a set of mattresses, blankets and pillows without buying expensive beds.
Besides, this type of bedroom also has disadvantages:
- Japanese mattress is not covered, so when you are dirty, you will lose more work.
- You have to spend time in bed at night and store them during the day.
- In the room must have a large cabinet to store all the blankets, pillows.

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