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Hotel industry is booming up to meet the need of raising travelers rapidly. Not only profits from hotel business but also does the real estate benefit. Investors might think the profits in real estate price is higher than hotel business, so the investors often do not care in research in what type of customers the hotel should focus in.  Besides, total number of tourists arrives in a month, a year, but the research should detail in nationalities so that hotel is designed to meet the need of spending range and nationality. So that, hotel business will more competitive and more efficient.


How is the importance of outlets' arrangement in hotel management?

The revenue is high or not high is depending on how we arrange outlets in the hotel. Since the project planning, the Consultant will help the investor to build the hotel in right way so that can reduce the cost (included: manpower, electricity, water supply.. ). 

What tasks will Viet Orient Hospitality advise the investor in arranging hotel function?


In cooperating with designers:

Attending meeting with designer and give appraisal for hotel planning, concept, architecture.
Offering suggestions regarding the functions in outlets designing to maximizing the space usages and smooth flow of operation to reduce costing, meeting the expectation from the investor. 

In cooperating with interior decorators:

Offering concept, style for interior decoration in hotel, making sure that the decoration will be esthetic, matching up with agreement investment budget.
Offering suggestions and direction for interior decoration in outlet division and functions fullfiled up with nessesary facilities and furnitures in all outlets, making sure for efficient usages in hotel operation.
Offering consultancy for all needed facilities, amenities in hotels operation in listing so that hotel’s business will be more competitive and efficient.
Making list of buying nessesary amenities, facilities in hotel operation (not included in architecture, interior decoration site).

In cooperation with investor in building hotel:

Attending to check and take over the hotel and installation of all facilities relating to hotel operation to make sure these facilities is under smooth run supporting hotel busines.

ME&P Consultancy Services:

What are the ME&P consulting service of Viet Orient Hospitality?

Mechanic system planning
Electrical system planning
Plumping & Sanitary system planning
Heating ventilation Air-Conditioning (VHAC)
Fire protection system planning
Data network system planning
Telephone system planning
Security & Supervisor system planning (CCTV)
Community access television (CATV), Master antenna Television (MATV)
Public address system planning
Building manager system planning (BMS)
High voltage & Low voltage

Hotel set up is the next process of Design, ME&P and Functional Consultancy services. Please continue reading HERE.

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