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1. What are the benefits of hiring a professional company to set up, manage a hotel?
2. Is there any compusory regulation for hotel set up period?
3. What tasks are included in hotel set up?
4. How to ensure timeline and plan in order to set up hotel effectively?

Is it necessary to hire a professional hotel set up company? That is fundamental question should be raised by investors to find out the benefit advantages that is compared between hiring a hotel set up company and setting up and managing the hotel by themselves. Recently, more and more hotels have been building that could create more competitiveness. Therefore, the hotel is set up and managed by professional hotel set up and management company will be an advantage for the hotel after pre-opening period.  Facilities and services are two main factors that indicates the hotel is good or not good. There are investors are willing to put much more money into hotel’s facilities but not hotel services. The question is that, where are good services coming from? Basically, good services come from professional standard set up before hotel opening period, systemizing and implementing Standard of Operations (SOPs). Besides, staffs are well trained after recruitment before the opening. They are all necessary elements creating the success of the hotel. It is said that, the management team and staff are the most importance. That is the reason why experienced and well-trained staff is the most importance criteria from Vietnam administration of tourism to be recognized as star rating.


Mr Nguyen Van Quang, C.E.O of Viet Orient Hospitality is guiding the team about new set up hotel project

Therefore, professional hotel set up and hotel management company will bring below benefits:

►Market research, market analysis to put the hotel in right business target
To set up and create right services offering to customers
To achieve high revenue by maximizing customer source channels
To implement professional standards of operation
To maintain and avoid expenditures that assumed not necessary

There is any compulsory regulation of hotel set up period?

Viet Orient Hospitality would like to expose below period. However, the sooner you prepare for set up, the better the hotels services and operation are:
5-star hotel: should be 8 – 10 months before the opening date;
4-star hotel: should be 6 – 8 months before the opening date;
3-star hotel: should be 4 – 6 months before the opening date;

Viet Orient Hospitality would like to expose basically tasks as below, necessary tasks to be accomplished

► Do research, analyze and evaluate the market for hotel business;
► Find supplier for hotel branding, position and develop branding (Logo, slogan, costume, color, ecommerce, public relation, etc.)
► Do marketing and prepare for marketing activities (website, SEO..)
► Prepare marketing strategy for pre-opening period (traditional marketing, online marketing, etc.)
► Making operation budget for pre-opening period and one-year business plan;
► Suggest suppliers for hotels;
► Making Standard of Procedures (SOP) and operation guidelines;
► Recruitment, interview and training; set up personnel for hotels
► Working out for pre-opening operation;
► Working out business plan (short and long period);
► Making sales strategies;
► Managing, directing and supervising hotel in pre-opening period;
► Handing over hotel to owner after the opening after completing setting up period (hotel set up contracted only);

To make sure for good result, the timeline for hotel set up should be planned and follow schedule:

 Consultancy on short term and long-term business plan  Do market research  60 days  -Ensure the practical criteria for each phase basing on economic and social situation.
 -Provide the businese forecast for agreement from both sides.
 Do market positioning
Competition plan
 Detailed business plan in short term (6 months-01 year)
 Long term business plan
 Investment consultancies and hotel’s usability exploiting  Functioning for customer area, service area, cuisine area.  90 days  -Ensure the efficient savings and optimizing the investment capital.
 -Optimizing capacity of service space bases on current layout.
 Functioning for production, processing and trading area.
Functioning for service support and back office
 Advising to buy amenities and facilities needed for hotel opening.  Facilities in F&B 120 days - Matching the purpose and usage criteria
-Supervising the accusation in operation.
-Optimizing the investment capital
 Serving tools
 Facilities and machines for restaurant, kitchen, bar…
Consulting suppliers for input goods
 Consult for surplus / feature products to attract customers  Promotions, packages  90 days -Features of the product.
- Creating unique selling points
-Suitable for targeted customer
-Meeting competitive strategy
 Menu for F&B, tour excursions…
 Value added packages for accommodation and restaurant
 Advising on branding standards and recognition Standardizing logo and image  90 days  Matching the business concept.
 Making sure that our products are aesthetic.
 Outstanding, distinctive and easy to understand, visible and identified.
 -Applying on billboards, menu, etc.
 Making working procedures and regulations for all departments in hotel.  Job description for all positions.  90 days  -Professional, productive, logistic and useful.
 -Saving cost.
 -Dynamic and efficient in flow of work.
 -Stabilizing in operation and services
 -Productive, logistic and professional in operation managing and supervising.
 Making staff handbook
 Making management standards for F&B, cuisine, accounting, etc.
SOP for F&B, cuisine, etc.
 Standards of product/service
 SOP for all departments
 Building, recruiting, training and managing human resources in the initial stage.  Human resources norm  120 days  -Ensure sufficient quantity. Stabilization of wage costs.
 -To meet the using purpose and criteria that are mutually agreed.
 -Ensure that after the training staffs can meet the basic knowledge and skills that required by hotels.
 Basic training
 Advanced training
 Soft skills training, leadership skills for the key staffs
 Operation and management in initial stage Implementation management for trial operation.  90 days  -Basic, professional and scent
 -Standardize service products before official operation.
Correcting shortcomings.
 Step by step transferring power and role to the legacy management team.
Note: Time frame may change basing on actual situation and the agreement between the hotel owner and hotel set up company.

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