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Hotel set up and management handbook

Are you a smart hotel investor?
During my work, I worked through hotels like Self-Managed Investors or Set Up Units, but most of the investors encountered the same problem, which was to skip the Consulting phase right from the start. at design. When the hotel is put into operation, the owner has not yet discovered these errors if the manager does not point out to them.
Why? What error? Asked by the wrong investment, unnecessary investment leads to waste? And do not hire experts in that field to advise your project. I often find that saving money, thinking architects and knowing how to do it. That understanding will lead to an excess of investment, or investment that leads to waste of money. There are projects after finishing I go to the management must exclaim "it was more expensive one third of value".
Hiring a Consultant is essential because the Consultant will help us locate the product, analyze the market and base on that determine the level of investment in the right customer segment, adequate and appropriate. at the necessary level.
In addition, the rearrangement of capacity to ensure future operating savings is no less important, it affects the monthly operating costs mainly related to electricity, water and manpower costs.
For example:
If the door is located there, minimize the staff going round the corner in the restaurant. But due to the wrong door position, every one of the shifts worked, the staff did not move quickly. Every day, the volume of staff increases and inefficiencies arise because the door is in the wrong place.
Therefore, if the Consultant at the design, the door in the right position, the owner can save 1-2 manpower. Average monthly salary is 6 million * 12 months equals 72 million / year.
Try to ask if outside the restaurant, the other parts have the same fault, so there are up to 10 employees so that each year will cost 864 million.
If the business in 5 years will be 4.3 billion.
The above is a simple calculation for investors to refer and choose the right investment.

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