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Condotel - How do you understand?
Tourism is growing, so the number of visitors is also increasing quickly leading to the demand for accommodation in hotels, apartments, resorts, ... high also increased. To meet this demand, investors, business travel services are also focused on finding and exploiting many types of this segment. However, instead of choosing to invest in exploiting, constructing the types of hotels, restaurants and resorts as before, the current trend of business, developing the type of Condo Hotel - luxury hotels and apartments are the new choice for investors in this field.
Condo Hotel has emerged and developed at a great speed in the world, however, this type is a new trend for Vietnam. Condo Hotel is a new business with its own characteristics that can be said for the first time in the hotel business market - apartment. It is the ownership of a customer's condominium and they can rent it to others if they want. And obviously the services of this Condo Hotel must meet its own standards.
Some projects with business type Condo Hotel in Vietnam such as Nha Trang Plaza Hotel 5 star, Hyatt Regency Danang Residences, Sea Star Suite Vung Tau, ...
Why investors turn to real estate tourism - condominium style resort Hotel? With the above characteristics, it is also one of the attractive and new elements that bring curiosity and influence to the idea of ​​finding a direction, a new business strategy that attracts attention and choices for people in need. In addition, there are other factors that make the business gradually turn to the development of resort real estate - Condo Hotel. That is the issue of investment capital. If investors spend a lot of money to exploit, build and develop in the past, the ability to recover capital will take a lot of time. With this type of hotel business, the investor will be able to recover capital much faster.
One thing to note when you intend to invest in Condo Hotel business that is to determine the suitable and effective building location. Because this trend will be satisfactory if one is to build a tourist site, the natural beauty and most suitable are the sea areas such as Nha Trang, Da Nang, Binh Thuan, Vung Tau, Ha Long It is necessary to have a business orientation, a good strategy and the best by understanding information and real needs in accordance with the wishes of those who want to buy their apartments - hotels to Ensure effective business operations.

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