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Hotel set up and management handbook

Hotel management and necessary skills
Is hotel management difficult? It is true if you say that is difficult. Why? Because hotel manager is the key position of the hotel. It is a fact that hotel manager works more than 40 hours per week and is the one of the most important persons to stabilize the hotel brand name. So hotel manager should have skills such as:

Control work stress
Once you take the position of hotel manager, you are the boatman. So you have to work harder and you have to manage employees in different departments at the same time. You have to dip your hand in all things to cover hotel’s work. So it is easy to arise stress at work. When stress is out of control, work is affected. When the boatman is fall down the boat will of course go astray or stop. Remember to know how to control your work stress.

Good observation ability
A good observation is necessary skill for hotel manager. You need to make sure the housekeeping staff are cleaning the room properly. You will also need to ensure food safety and hygience when preparing food for customer. The polices in the area can knock your hotel door at any time to check. Don’t let your staff to do their own work behind you, it will affect the work of whole team. Regularly pushing and checking staff’s work will solve potential problem and make staff to aware of work better. That’s one of many things you need to know about good observation.

Communication skill
This is probably the most important skill in the qualities of a good hotel manager. Because good communication will creat many advantages at work, help you to control others, keep your customer’s belief, handle situation accurately, quickly or a lot of other interesting things will be brought in from good communication.

Listening skill
“Always listening, always understanding” that is good hotel manager need to comply. Because you have to listen to know what your customer needs, your staff have done well or not. Even listening to the competitors to know how they are better than you, what is their weaknesses… From that, perfecting your skill to make ideal management environment and bring benefit to hotel.


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